The Impact of AI on Our World. Why did Ilya fire Sam Altman?

December 21, 2023 by
Ladi Omole
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The dynamics of our world are shifting, and the influence of AI on humanity is becoming increasingly evident. Nearly 2000 years ago, the follower of Jesus, Paul, spoke about the inevitability of change, - The scene of the world is changing - 1 CORINTHIANS 7:29, with the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence, that change is accelerating.

In the midst of these world-altering events, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the pace of transformation. At the core of our shared human experience is the pursuit of happiness and peace of mind, but the path to these common goals has been a constant struggle.

Welcome to the realm of Artificial Intelligence—a realm filled with both promise and uncertainty. Elon Musk, in an interview explaining the firing of Sam Altman by Ilya Sutskever, shed light on the mission of OpenAI. According to Musk, He named OpenAI to reflect its commitment to benefit humanity through openness and collaboration. The disagreement between Sam and Ilya seems to revolve around the profound question of how well we prioritize humanity over the potential dangers of AI and the commercial gain—a debate that will unfold in the near future.

For those keeping a pulse on technological trends, the recent developments in AI indicate that mankind is on the cusp of another significant paradigm shift in the race of life. Reflecting on the antitrust actions against Microsoft decades ago, it's clear that such measures paved the way for new giants to emerge, including Google. With Microsoft's recent stake in Open AI and the introduction of Microsoft CoPilot, powered by Open AI, the tech giant is poised for a resurgence, with the browser battlefield being the first arena of contention—Chrome vs. Bing, a pay-per-view event for the ages.

As we approach the coming year, the tech landscape will witness the rise and fall of various technologies and companies. The world is undergoing digitization, and affordability remains a critical barrier to accessibility. The availability of digital resources is intricately tied to their accessibility, and price becomes the primary obstacle to digital inclusion. Digital consumers will increasingly favor value-based products.

In this era of transformation, an open-source ERP platform like Odoo is positioned to replace many business applications. As a certified Microsoft Solutions expert with a penchant for exploration, I delved into Odoo as a value-based ERP solution for both businesses and nonprofit organizations. The platform's capabilities and cost-saving potential were nothing short of astonishing. 

When I questioned Chart GPT about any business application not covered by Odoo, Chart GPT replied that specialized applications like CAD (computer Aided Design) were not within its scope. Accepting this limitation, I recognized that Odoo is an all-encompassing solution enrooted in Dr. E F Codd's Relational Database Model for flexibility and expansion. Implementing web solutions, e-commerce, helpdesk CRM, and more became a streamlined process.

We successfully amalgamated finance, accounting, CRM, supply chain, web hosting, e-commerce, marketing automation, employee performance review, helpdesk, and more under one license.

Stay tuned for our Digital Intelligence Inclusion Campaign 2024, where we will be advancing the cause of affordable and inclusive digital solutions. 

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